Lipovets Elevator

Lipovets Elevator Ltd. is a company comprised by Ramburs Group, which has been actively involved in grain crops market since 1995. Capacity of our successful company is 54,000 tones that allows safe long-time keeping of enormous amounts of grain. Due to a good transport infrastructure, availability of motor and rail ways as well as developed logistics, grain crops shipping capacities increase sufficiently.

Lipovets Elevator Company is able to accept 650 MTs per day by railway wagons and 2000 MTs per day by auto cars with raw materials. Shipping capacity is 800 MTs per day by railway wagons and 300 MTs per day by auto cars. Our grain storehouse is an up-to-date grain-collecting facility with a storehouse for a long-time grain keeping on the floor. Lipovets Elevator is an important part of Ramburs Group. The fulfillment of all contractual obligations and provisions, own production facilities, high-level service and professional team of experienced specialists — this is the basis we rely on in our work. Moreover, our Elevator is the biggest company in Lipovets region.

We are always open for cooperation. If you wish to entrust your grain crops for safe storing, purchase products of a high quality or obtain a reputable partner in the person of our company, contact us at:

Lipovets Elevator Ltd.
18 ul. Privokzalnaya, Lipovets rail station,
Vinnitsa region, Ukraine, 22544
Phone/Fax: +3804358 3 3318
Manager: Anatoliy Vasilyevich Shunda